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The J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG, Ulm, is one of the leading producers in the world of high-performance hunting and target rifles. The ANSCHÜTZ high-performance products enjoy an extraordinary and worldwide reputation because of their precision, workmanship and accuracy. Since its foundation, the company is owned by the Anschütz family.
 Champion CHAMPION
CHAMPION are the shooting glasses of Olympic and World champions. CHAMPION is the official supplier of the national teams of Switzerland, Germany, USA and GUS.
 Deling DELING
Beijing Zhongshun Clothing and Accessories Factory is an outstanding enterprise, specializing in the production of professional shooting supplies, enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. Our “Deling” Brand shooting clothing had been passed by the technical appraisal of the Chinese shooting association (CSA), we are the first enterprise in China that allowed to use the CSA logo. With the good quality and perfect after-sale service, “Deling” shooting clothing and its supporting products have been well-received by the athletes all over the world.
 Knobloch KNOBLOCH
The Karlsruhe optician Bruno Knobloch, a good and committed shooter, who was at that time German champion with his team, created a variable system for the fabrication and adjustment of special glasses for shooters. Over the years the shooting glasses system developed by Bruno Knobloch has been constantly improved and supplemented with many useful extras. The developments were often carried out in cooperation with well-known professional shooters from all over the world.
 Kustermann KUSTERMANN
Kustermann specializes in shooting jackets, trousers, boots, gloves and accessories like shooting slings and waist belts.
 Marksman House MARKSMAN HOUSE
Korea Marksman House specializes in shooting gears like shooting jackets and pants, gloves, boots and underwear shirts.
MEC develops high quality products for target shooting sportspeople. The products are thought up, tested and evaluated on the firing line itself. Maik Eckhardt, Gaby Bühlmann and Britta Großecappenberg develop the basic ideas together. MEC equipment is produced on high-precision machines, ensuring both function and quality over long usage. Every part is milled from fresh material; the outer surfaces are sealed, ensuring that products bearing our mark will work for you reliably year in, year out.
monard MONARD
Since 1995, Monard Shooting Company has been developing and designed innovative and high quality shooting accessories, with Olympic and Paralympic gold medals as the peak.
Herbert Sauer was himself an ambitious competitive shooter – at a time when special shooting sportswear as we understand it today was unknown. Because he was dissatisfied with the products available at the time and was a bit of a tinkerer, he “invented” his own shooting jackets and shooting trousers.

In the following years, Herbert Sauer registered numerous patents for innovations and improvements and thereby made a significant contribution to the impressive functionality of the shooting sportswear familiar to us today. But it is not only the basic equipment in the form of high-performance jackets or trousers that today meets with enthusiasm from shooting fans all over the world. It is the little accessories from Herbert Sauer’s workshop that make the difference. The international success stories in this area include the “button-buddy”, which makes it so much easier to button up a shooting jacket and the shoe sole tree developed specially for shooting shoes and boots.

Sauer products have set international standards and can be found on shooting ranges all over the world. The Sauer Company is still a family business and remains true to its roots as a partner of the competitive shooter. The Sauer team operates a service stand at all major national and international shooting events and is therefore always on hand to support “its” shooters.

Our company develops and manufactures simulators and accessories for pistols, rifles, archery and crossbow shooting. SCATT systems will help experienced shooters to better their skills, and beginners the chance to shorten the time needed to learn shooting skills by a factor or two or three. Practicing in an average-size room you can use any type of weapon and simulate shooting at distances up to 1000 meters. The aiming trajectory, displayed on the screen of the computer, provides complete information about the accuracy of aim and errors being made before and during shooting.
Tec-hro TEC-HRO
TEC-HRO specializes in ammunition, shooting underwear and equipment, and rifle/pistol accessories like triggers, weights, butt place etc.
 shoplogo VFG Weaponcare – No 1
The VFG WEAPON CARE RANGE was started in 1970 to provide cleaning and care system for hunting and sports guns. It has a comprehensive range of articles for the internal and external cleaning and care of guns, paying special attention to the cleaning of the bore of the barrel since it is well known that this presents the greatest problem.